The first openly gay Captain America soon in comics

For the double occasion of “Pride Month” and the 80e character’s birthday, an upcoming Marvel comic will feature a new take on America’s most patriotic superhero. A new version written by Josh Trujillo, himself transgender.

The incarnations of the superhero Captain America follow each other and are not alike. On Netflix, Anthony Mackie is preparing to take on the spiritual follow-up to Chris Evans in the symbolic role of the Sentinel of Freedom. And on the comic book side, Marvel will take advantage of «Pride Month» of June to inaugurate a new comic book dedicated to the most patriotic of American superheroes. Conceived as a celebration of the many avatars of the hero – who this year celebrates his 80e birthday – this new comic entitled The United States of Captain America will be the opportunity for the publisher to present alongside known figures of the captain – Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, John Walker – a young contender for the star shield: Aaron Fischer. The first openly gay Captain America.

We will discover this new character in the first of the comic book’s supporting stories, before perhaps standing on its own in other adventures. Written by Josh Trujillo and illustrated by Jan Balzadua, this story, which “Will examine the very essence of what defines Captain America”, tells how – inspired by his model – the young Aaron Fischer proclaims himself “Captain America of the RailroadsTo help, as best he can, the homeless and runaways. “He defends the oppressed and the forgotten, Writer Josh Trujillo said in a statement released by Marvel. I hope his first story resonates with readers and helps inspire the next generation of heroes.»

A committed Captain America

Already embodied by an African-American character – Sam Wilson – or by a woman – Roberta Mendez, introduced in 2015 in the comics – the smooth and hackneyed character of Captain America will therefore be declined in the coming months in his committed version that represents Aaron Fischer. This new hero testifies to a basic tendency, at the publisher, which tries to put forward more varied heroes, in phase with the “inclusive” evolution of American society. “Aaron is inspired by the heroes of the queer community: activists, leaders and ordinary people who fight for a better life, Josh Trujillo said. I really enjoyed drawing him and as a transgender I’m happy to be able to portray an openly gay person who admires Captain America and fights against evil to help those who are almost invisible in society.»

Aaron Fischer illustrated by Jan Bazaldua. Marvel

While not the focus of the comics, Aaron Fischer’s character resonates with the overall tone of the comics. “Inheriting Captain America was a real creative challenge, especially at this unprecedented time in the history of our country”, testified Christopher Cantwell, the lead writer of The United States of Captain America. The author, who has signed several other comics for Marvel in recent years – Doctor Doom, The Fantastic Four,… – let it be known that he wanted to highlight, by means of an American road trip, the asperities of America today. “We hope to explore what the idea of ​​Captain America represents at this precise moment in our history,” he asserted. Not just on the big stage of the world, but also in more mainstream and often overlooked communities across the United States. ”

In addition to the context of “Pride Month”) which allows – like the “Black History Month – to highlight stories, creators and particular struggles – the LGBTQ + cause, in this case – the more inclusive editorial approach of Marvel comics is nothing very new for the American publisher. It is partly explained by the necessary renewal and updating of a range of superheroes which, after several decades of excessive exploitation, can end up giving the impression of going in circles. One of the most emblematic characters of this renewal, Kamala Khan – a Pakistani-American Muslim teenager from New Jersey – thus became the new Miss Marvel in 2014. A way for Marvel to evolve with the times.

Created in 1941, in the midst of World War II, the character of Captain America was conceived as a typical representation of the ideal American soldier, fiercely patriotic and anti-fascist. A model with which Aaron Fischer, Iroquois crest on his head and Americanophile tattoos on his arms, does not fully intend to stand out …



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