The First Night Was Abandoned, the Bride was furious as soon as she entered the bridal chamber, it turned out that there was a pregnant woman sitting pretty on her bed

Sosok.IDThe first night should be a happy hanging moment for a newlywed couple wedding.

But not the case with events the first night This Chinese bride and groom.

The first night they messed up after one pregnant women caught sitting in bridal bed they.

The bride who found it was furious and immediately slapped the hami womanl.

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So what really happened?

Launching from via Grid.ID, Saturday (22/1/2022), this happened to a couple from Hunan, China.

Again, the wedding, which was held on January 17, 2022, went smoothly.

After the wedding, the bride and groom went to their bridal chamber.

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However, to their surprise, they found a pregnant woman sitting on their bridal bedroom bed.

Not alone, the pregnant woman was accompanied by another woman.

The two of them seemed engrossed in chatting when the bride and groom came to his room.

Seeing the two women, the bride immediately shouted annoyed.

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“What are you guys doing? Why is a pregnant woman on my bed!” cried the bride.

Investigate a calibaration, both are the couple’s wedding guests.

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They looked for an empty room to rest because the pregnant woman was exhausted.

They also do not know that the room is the bridal chamber.

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The two invited guests also looked embarrassed when the bride shouted at them.

The groom who was at the location seemed to calm his wife who was emotional.

“It’s okay, he just sat for a while,” said the groom.

“What do you mean just sit down for a bit!” said his wife.

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Not without reason, the bride is so upset because there is a belief in China that mentions an accident will come when the bridal bed is occupied by a pregnant woman.

I was so upset, the bride even had the heart to slap the pregnant woman.

Netizens who saw this were divided into two camps, some defended the bride and said that the pregnant woman was not careful.

While those who defend pregnant women say that the bride has acted excessively.

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The bride slaps the pregnant woman sitting on her bed in annoyance.

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