The first move from the House of Representatives after a parliamentary injury in Corona

10:35 PM

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Books – Ahmed Ali:

Counselor Mahmoud Fawzi, Secretary-General of the House of Representatives, confirmed that there is an interest in the issue of deputies who are in contact with MP Sherine Farraj, after informing preventive medicine about her infection with the new Corona virus “Covid-19”, explaining that the Council took all necessary measures to purify and sterilize all the halls and places where the deputy was , Over the past ten days.

The Secretary-General continued in press statements on Tuesday that coordination with the preventive medicine sector in the Ministry of Health had been done, and the medical sector in the Council and the library had been sterilized, which were the places the deputy had attended, other than the self-isolation of the medical staff associated with the deputy, without the need to take a survey of them.

Fawzi said that the delegation of the preventive medicine sector in the Ministry of Health, who arrived at the council today, reviewed the precautionary and preventive measures taken by the council, especially the application of rules for social spacing, the regulation of safe distances to sit, the distribution of antiseptics at the level of all halls, the obligation to wear masks, and stated that they are completely adequate Without the need for further action.

Fawzy concluded, that preventive medicine confirmed the need for smears, except for those who show any symptoms during the incubation period, which is already close to expiration.

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