The first Libyan writer to win the Arab Booker Mohamed Al-Naas is the host of the Sharjah Book Fair

The Sharjah International Book Fair, in its 2022 session, will host the Libyan writer Muhammad Al-Naas Winner of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction, Booker, in its 2022 session, on November 5, 2022.

Interestingly, Muhammad Al-Naas has become a literary icon in the Libyan and Arab cultural scene, having become the first Libyan writer, and also the youngest writer, to win the Booker International Prize for Arabic Fiction, for the novel ” Bread on Uncle Milad’s table.

When Muhammad Al-Naas visited Cairo last July, he revealed, during his interview with Youm Al-Sabaa TV, many behind-the-scenes and views related to the Libyan cultural scene, and his first novel, which won the famous prize in the Arabic novel.

During his interview with Youm7 TV, Muhammad Al-Naas claimed that he did not put Libyan literature on the world reading map, as some believe, pointing out that Libyan literature is full of international names such as: Ibrahim Al-Koni.

Muhammad Al-Naas indicated that his relationship with his mother was extraordinary, “as if the umbilical cord between us has not been broken”. wife of him who supported him during his literary career.

Al-Nass also saw that the tale has lost its readers and the poetry’s audience is on the decline and that some believe the novel is the diwan of the Arabs today.

It is interesting to note that Muhammad Al-Naas, a Libyan journalist and writer, was born in 1991. He graduated in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tripoli, in 2014. He has published a collection of short stories “Blue Blood” 2020 “Il pane on Uncle Milad’s Table ”2021 is his first novel.

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