The First Free Shop in Germany: A Sustainable Solution for Second-Hand Enthusiasts

The First Free Shop in Germany: A Sustainable Solution for Second-Hand Enthusiasts

As of: 08/19/2023 8:37 a.m

Whether clothing, books, CDs or other treasures – everyone can give something to the free shop in Altona or take it with them without paying any money.

Robert has been involved there since 2014. As one of 20 volunteers, the 57-year-old makes sure that only useful things end up on the shelves. “Sometimes you have to be strict, we can’t accept everything, but the visitors understand that too,” says Robert.

The first free shop in Germany

All sorts of things have accumulated over the years. Together we decide which items will be passed on to visitors. Founded in 1999, the free shop was the first of its kind in Germany. Since then, the doors have been open to second-hand fans. “It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor, with or without money. It’s for everyone. We’re definitely not charitable,” says Ilka from the board of the free shop. Everyone brings their things that they no longer need, so other people can come and take them with them. “Without pulling out your wallet. I think that’s great too, the experience,” says Ilka.

Repair café for more sustainability

In order to bring broken objects back to the man or woman undamaged, the free shop employs a repair café right next door. Here we screw and tinker – always with the basic idea: to conserve resources and make a statement against the throwaway society.

Projects are financed by donations

Both projects finance their premises through voluntary donations from visitors. Around 10 to 20 guests rummage through the free shop on Bodenstedtstraße every day.

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