The first episode of ‘K2 is looking for K3’: an emotional outin…

Klaasje’s era is over at K3, so a successor (m/f/x) has to be sought. The first sixteen candidates were allowed to audition in ‘K2 is looking for K3’ on Saturday evening. We have extracted the most remarkable fragments for you.

22,000 candidates have registered for the television search for a successor for Klaasje, now that she is leaving K3. After an initial selection, the first sixteen candidates can now audition for a listening box with Natalia and the Dutch singer Samantha Steenwijk, a viewing box with Ingeborg and the Dutchman Gordon and the public jury.

Men first
The first to kick off was immediately a boy from Flanders: Pieter. Because that is new in this search: there is now also room for a boy at K3. Gordon and Ingeborg immediately carry out their task very accurately: they watch. “That’s a very small boy,” Gordon notes. It turns out. 1 meter 65. In the beginning he lost his text for a while, but still both the viewing and listening box print. “With a little coaching, it will be all right”, says Natalia. He gets 239 points out of 500 from the public and can immediately take the hot seat. But he has to move up a spot every time, so he doesn’t make it to the end of the episode.

Natalia’s surprise
We were able to note the greatest surprise with Natalia. When her box goes up and they can see who is standing in front of them, her mouth falls open in surprise. The Dutchman Ziggy has a ton of personality with which he is on stage. Still, Natalia is not convinced by the vocals: “Samantha has pressed”, she explains. Gordon is with us. Although he doesn’t mince words: “You look hysterical. I am a bit afraid that it will not be K3, but Gay3.” Ziggy drops out at the end of the episode.

Finally, some color
And then Chanel blows in. A young woman from the Netherlands, with a tan and, moreover, a good set of brains. Because she studies brain science. With her look and yellow dress she manages to convince Gordon before she has even sung a note. “After years with three white girls, there must be a girl of color,” Gordon says, immediately addressing a point of criticism that was also mentioned in the previous search for K3. Her voice also convinced Natalia and Samantha. And the public. She got 402 out of 500.

That not only Gordon, but also Natalia says what she thinks, appears when Jasper does his audition. Gordon then prints, but the hands of the buttons remain in the listening box. Gordon doesn’t understand at all when Jasper disappears from the stage. Natalia clearly expresses her opinion: “You didn’t hear him. False as anything, pulled on nothing.” So, you immediately know where you stand.

Simple, but enthusiastic
There is again a difference of opinion between the viewing and listening box when the Flemish Emma Oya comes to sing lélé. Ingeborg has it for her exotic look, because Emma is adopted from Bulgaria. Samantha prints in the listening box with conviction. “You are the most enthusiastic candidate we already had”, Natalia agrees. Gordon finds her a bit too ordinary, he says. To which she answers him: “I just wanted to be myself.” It earned her 371 points.

moving outing
Another Emma is up, one from the Netherlands. She enthusiastically performs the song ‘Fire Brigade’ and is completely overwhelmed when she sees that she can go on to the hotseats. And then she tells her story. “I was not born as Emma, ​​but as Geert. I used to be bullied a lot. Then I went to my room, put on my dress and be myself.” It provides the first waterlanders and a moving moment, which was received with applause.

Rather K3 than Lady Gaga
The young Giana is only 19, but immediately knows how to convince with her appearance and her voice. Samantha Steenwijk even makes a bold statement: “Without wanting to detract from K3, you are too good for K3. You could do this perfectly on your own.” But Giana knows what she wants: “If you ask me: become as famous as Lady Gaga or join K3, then I choose K3.” So, those hearts have been won. She immediately wins this episode with the highest score of 410 points.

Surprise from Hanne and Marthe
Only at the end of the episode do Hanne and Marthe appear for the first time. In a golden box they come down from the ridge. They have followed the entire episode behind the scenes and have another surprise up their sleeve. They can still unjustly drop out and take them straight to the live shows. Hope shone for a moment in the eyes of dropouts Quinty, Ziggy and Pieter. But unfortunately: “We are not taking anyone with us this week,” it sounded. Better luck next time?



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