The first country in Europe legalizes cannabis for its own use – Dagsavisen

The proposal for legalization was, as expected, adopted by the island state’s national assembly. Residents are now allowed to store up to seven grams of cannabis, as well as to grow up to four plants at home for their own use.

– We legalize to solve a problem and take reducing measures so that people do not have to resort to the black market to buy cannabis, says Prime Minister Robert Abela.

He adds that the authorities will still crack down on those who sell cannabis.

– We do not advise people to smoke cannabis, at the same time as we do not treat those who want to do so as criminals. Drug smuggling will remain illegal, warns Abela.

Cannabis use has long been tolerated in the Netherlands, and in Spain the situation is the same. Personal use has been decriminalized in the Czech Republic and Portugal.

However, Malta is the first EU country to legalize the drug. The amendment is expected to take effect in a short time.

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