The first comment from the Qatari embassy on the news of the honor killing of a Qatari in Tunisia

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Qatari embassy in Tunisia revealed the truth of what was reported by the media regarding the death of a Qatari in the ancient city of Bizerte, northern Tunisia.

The embassy issued a statement explaining that the tourist, the victim of an honor killing, is not a Qatari.

The embassy said in a statement posted on its official account on Twitter: “The Embassy of the State of Qatar in the Republic of Tunisia denies what was reported by the media that the victim in the Bizerte incident holds Qatari citizenship.”

She added, “It expresses its condolences to the victim’s family and relatives.”

Tunisian media had reported that a Qatari tourist, born in 1963, residing in the old city of Bizerte, was killed by a Tunisian youth who followed him at the entrance to the city and slaughtered him in front of passers-by.

She indicated that the security forces were able to arrest the accused immediately after committing the crime.

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