The first comment from the dancer, Lordiana, after controlling the social media for two days. Video

In the first comment from the Brazilian dancer Lordiana on the control of her dance video on social networking sites the past two days, she thanked everyone who supported her, and said in a video of her through her Instagram account: “I am proud of all your support and love .. I love all of you.”


The number of followers of the Brazilian dancer Lourdiana, on the “Instagram” site, increased dramatically after she led the trend in Egypt on the social networking site “Twitter” during the past hours, due to her appearance in a video clip while dancing in one of the “Beauty Center” centers, where The video has gained thousands of views.

Lordiana became the talk of social media because of her dance in one of the beauty centers that invaded the social media platforms, where the audience began to search for the owner of the famous clip, which was achieved when they reached the dancer’s account on the “Instagram” website, which doubled the number of followers within a few hours of the spread of the clip The video even reached more than 500 thousand followers.

It is noteworthy that Tarek Abdel Mohsen, director of the work of the dancer Lordiana, had said, “Lordiana is a professional dancer who has been in Egypt for 4 years, and has been working on training girls in the gym, adding:” Lordiana loves the artist Samia Gamal and Fifi Abdo.“.

Lordiana is a Brazilian dancer residing in Egypt, and she performs many concerts and also weddings in Egypt, and publishes many clips of the concerts that she revives, and she was famous for dancing on popular songs, as well as trend songs such as “Laqet El Tabtaba”, and in a few hours, the audience became Information about the “trend” dancer is trading after the video has spread.


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