The first China Frisbee League kicks off, Weibo becomes a social media partner

The first China Frisbee League kicks off, Weibo becomes a social media partner

2022-08-09 16:27:28Source: International Online

The first game of the 2022-2023 China Frisbee League (hereinafter referred to as the “First China Frisbee League”) is about to kick off in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. On August 5th, Weibo announced that it has officially become the social media partner of the first China Frisbee League. It will promote the spread of the event in the dimensions of fan community cultivation, topic creation, and KOL promotion to form influence. The official Weibo account of the league “CUL Frisbee League” will broadcast live video during the finals of Xi’an Station.

As an important national professional Frisbee event in China, the event is hosted by the Social Sports Center of the General Administration of Sports of the People’s Republic of China and the National Fitness Activities Promotion and Steering Committee. A year ago, the Social and Sports Center of the General Administration of Sports began to publicize the rules of Frisbee sports to the public, and the event began to enter the preparatory period. In July 2022, the center issued a notice on hosting the league, and the event was officially launched.

The relevant documents of the General Administration of Sports pointed out that the pre-event conditions have become more and more mature, and the Frisbee sport is deeply loved by the masses. It has developed rapidly in recent years and has become an important part of national fitness activities.

Frisbee sport was invented in the United States in 1948 and entered China at the beginning of this century. In the past two years, Frisbee sports has become one of the popular leisure sports in Chinese cities due to its characteristics of “low threshold” and “high stickiness”. Many Frisbee clubs and Frisbee communities have emerged, and the influence of Frisbee sports has grown rapidly. According to the event plan, the first China Frisbee League will hold sub-stations in 14 cities across the country, and the finals will be held in May 2023, with the goal of covering more than 500,000 people.

As a leading social media platform in China, Weibo has gathered a large number of Frisbee fans. The data shows that in the past six months, the exposure of the whole network has doubled, especially in June, the monthly exposure of the hot topic of “frisbee” has surged by more than 300 million. Liu Wei and other more than ten athletes and coaches who have represented the Chinese team in international competitions have all entered Weibo, and Frisbee sports celebrities such as Zheng Chun and Wang Yipeng have also shared relevant content on Weibo.

On July 19, Weibo announced that it had reached a cooperation with the National Frisbee Sports Promotion Committee on matters such as the Frisbee Online Skills Challenge, and became the social media partner of the challenge. The two parties have jointly established the Star Training Camp and launched the Frisbee Online Skills Challenge and the Weibo Celebrity Match to further promote the popularity of Frisbee sports. Up to now, the Weibo Frisbee Xingyao Training Camp has carried out activities in five cities across the country, with a total of more than 50 activities and nearly 200 million readings on related topics.

Not only that, Weibo will also participate in the 2022 “National Fitness Day” Frisbee linkage event held by the Social and Sports Center of the General Administration of Sport. According to the website of the General Administration of Sports, participating teams and individuals are encouraged to publish relevant blog posts and super chat content through their Weibo accounts during the event, and the relevant data of the blog posts will be used as the evaluation criteria for the performance of the event.

With 582 million monthly active users, Weibo has already become an important social media platform for netizens to watch, participate in and discuss sports events, and it has also become a social space for many sports fans to communicate and share on a daily basis. This time, becoming the social media partner of the first China Frisbee League will help the Weibo platform to further develop the Frisbee ecology, and provide new ways and methods for the implementation of policies related to widespread national sports.

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