The first chain already offers self-tests for covid. They are quickly looking for other stores from manufacturers

The Kaufland chain has started selling antigenic tests for the presence of coronavirus. It is possible to buy antigen tests with a nasal collection in stores. In the second half of March, it will add a variant of saliva detection to the menu. This follows from Tuesday’s statement by Kaufland, which is available to the online daily Aktuálně.cz. Competing chains are also preparing to sell antigen tests.

“The first type of antigen test, the Flowflex SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test, operates on the principle of swabbing from the front of the nose. The results are assessed visually after 15 to 30 minutes. , “says chain spokeswoman Renata Maierl.

Customers can purchase the test in all stores, but only one package per customer per day. “Over the next week, we will also expand our offer with a family package of the mentioned antigen tests – in a package of 25 pieces,” adds Maierl.

The second product, Newgene, which Kaufland scheduled to deliver in the second half of March, can detect the presence of covid-19 from saliva. Evaluation is possible within 15 minutes. A clinical comparison in this test showed an accuracy of 95.8 percent, adds Maierl.

Both tests are on list approved exemptions by the Ministry of Health. Therefore, if a self-employed person or a company buys such a test, he or she can claim a relief of 60 crowns from health insurance. In this form, the state contributes to a maximum of four tests per employee or self-employed person (OSVČ) per month.

According to the findings of the online daily Aktuálně.cz, other chains could include antigen tests in their offer in about a week. “In our stores, we will offer customers antigen tests from saliva. We expect to be included in the offer from March 15,” says spokesman Tomáš Kubík on behalf of Penny Market stores.

Globus or the and Košík online supermarkets are also negotiating with suppliers about the supply of antigen tests. “We assume that in the foreseeable future we could offer for sale a self-testing set for saliva collection,” confirms spokeswoman Lutfia Volfová.

“Yes, we want to include them as soon as possible. We have currently ordered both swab and saliva test covid sets, both in individual packages and as multipacks. We are only waiting for delivery by suppliers,” adds František Brož for Košík.

On the contrary, for other traders, the inclusion of self-tests in the offer is not up to date yet. “This will not be possible at the moment, we are currently looking for tests to have it in operation at all, and there is a risk that stores in some municipalities will be temporarily closed,” explains Coop store spokesman Lukáš Němčík.

“We do not sell tests at this time. We have been able to provide a sufficient number of tests for our employees in accordance with government regulations. In the future, we are considering the possibility for customers to purchase tests recommended by the government and the Ministry of Health in addition to respirators. “says Jiří Mareček, head of communications for Albert’s stores.

The inclusion of antigenic assays in the menu is not relevant even for the Lidl chain. “At present, we consider it premature to predict a possible offer of self-tests in our stores,” says spokesman Tomáš Myler.

Pharmacies already offer home tests

However, tests for home diagnosis of coronavirus are already offered by many pharmacies in the Czech Republic. According to them, there is considerable interest in them.

“We have been offering fast tests of three manufacturers for the longest time – JoysBio, SafeCare, NewGene. we offer it in the e-shop, if we manage to succeed with the demand for smaller packages, then also in stone pharmacies, “spokesman for pharmacies Dr. told ČTK last week. Max Michal Petrov. also has antigen tests in stock. “There are both tests packed in one piece (189 CZK) and tests in a package of 25 pieces (3659 CZK), or 50 pieces (6490 CZK). All tests are certified and approved for self-testing,” she said on Monday for pharmacy Kateřina Schotliová.

Another large pharmacy network, Ben, announced on Thursday that it is starting to offer a rapid test from the Swiss company Lomina AG, which detects antibodies to covid-19 in the blood. According to the company, performing the test is intuitive and very simple, the result is known within five minutes.

“Everything needed to perform the test is part of the package, just follow the instructions,” said Ivana Lánová, a pharmacist and expert consultant for Bena pharmacies. The pharmacy sells five pieces of tests in a package for 1250 crowns.

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