The first beta of HarmonyOS released by Huawei are based on Android (photo)

Vincenzo Ronca
26/12/2020 ore 19:48

In recent weeks we have seen a progressive increase in beta on HarmonyOS, the new mobile operating system that Huawei launched to mark her independence and Android. An operating system that will be fundamental in light of the ban imposed by the US government.

However the first betas of HarmonyOS they don’t seem so independent Android, at least according to the first analyzes leaked on the net. XDA shows the work of a developer who created a simple app targeting one version obsolete of Android for later perform it virtually on both Android and HarmonyOS: as you can see from the examples below, the error message which the system returns is very similar than that returned by Android.

Ma it does not end here, an XDA member tried to install the app Superuser on HarmonyOS 2.0 and got an error message extremely similar to what it would have obtained on Android, with the difference that the term “Android” has been replaced with “HarmonyOS“.

Yet more interesting is what was discovered by a third developer, who has extract much of the system partition of HarmonyOS 2.0 beta and found that it is essentially based on the framework Android.

What does all this mean? Definitely Huawei is leaning on Android and al AOSP for early versions of HarmonyOS. As it may seem strange, and not explicitly stated at the time of the launch of the first betas, is understandable that the Chinese manufacturer uses the AOSP code to switch to the complete independence of HarmonyOS. Furthermore, Huawei itself had expressed its willingness to use the AOSP code during the transition da Android ad HarmonyOS.

So, if the current HarmonyOS betas seem like nothing more than a rebrand di Android, we can expect one greater independence of the operating system and Huawei Mobile Services with the upcoming versions that will come.

Via: XDASource: Bilibili

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