The first 100% electric taxi is from A Coruña, but it is charged in Perillo | Radio Coruña

A coruña has the first electric taxi from Galicia. A bet on the sustainability that, however, it does not have sufficient means to carry it out safely. This taxi driver from A Coruña denounces that in order to load his vehicle he has to travel to Oleiros.

There is no where to load it in A Coruña

Not a single public station in the municipality of A Coruña. In the presentation of the model has been the councilor for Urbanism of A Coruña, Juan Díaz Villoslada, who has committed to installing charging points in the urban environment.

Listen to Alberto Giunda Muñiz, taxi driver on Play SER

Save about 10 euros a day on fuel

His name is Alberto Giunda Muñiz and he is a pioneer among taxi drivers. Your car is a 100% electric Hiunday Ionik. An investment that saves you about 10 euros a day with respect to fuel and a little cleaner air but that makes your work difficult in case of long trips. The vehicle has 280 km of autonomy, which is equivalent to a working day. You have to leave it to charge overnight and for that in Perillo, where there is a “medium-fast” station. The “fast” station closest to A Coruña, where it takes about 15 minutes to charge 100%, is in Outeiro de Rei, Lugo.

The group of taxi drivers has met with councilor Villoslada who has announced new stations, with a location to be determined.

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