The fines for not wearing a mask, as of July 20 | Radio Ibiza | Hour 14 Ibiza

Well, it’s official. The mask is mandatory on the islands and if you do not take it out of responsibility, you would have to do so because you will face a fine of up to one hundred euros. Although these first days will be of information and from next week, to From next day 20 the sanctions will already be a reality and will be up to 100 euros.

There is some non-substantial but striking change of what we already knew when checking the fine print of the resolution that has been published in the Official Gazette of the Autonomous Community.

Eye to the smokers because you can’t smoke on the street because it is not considered an exception, although hThere is a point that smokers could qualify for because it ensures, as explained by the Minister of Health, Patricia G√≥mez, that “the mask will not be required in the street andn cases of force majeure “ and here this possibility could be interpreted.

The obligation to use masks has exceptions like playing sports, not wearing it on beaches and pools and also, and this is one of the novelties, on boardwalks, if there are no crowds. We will also stay exempted of wear it outdoors or in the field, that is to say, outside the urban centers.

If we consume food or drinks in public places we will not have to take it plus not specifically limited to this moment, that is, we can be in bars and restaurants without the mask on.

It is not mandatory in the workplace either They are public or private if the distance between people can be guaranteed.

And another novelty, minors under 16 years of age are not required to use the masks while participating in summer schools and camps, as long as these activities are carried out with their stable coexistence group.

So from today to wear the mask and properly put, it has to cover from the nose to the chin.

Another of the points approved in the resolution, as announced, limit the number of people who can participate in family and social gatherings. Will be of 30 persons indoors and 70 in outdoor spaces.


The Balearic Minister of Modernization and Public Administrations, Isabel Castro, who has gone through the program ‘Hoy por Hoy Verano para Ibiza y Formentera’, explained that during the first week a pedagogical work will be carried out with the citizens, but from the day 20 will begin the penalties for not wearing a mask.

Listen to Isabel Castro: “Starting on the 20th, fines will begin for not wearing a mask” in Play SER

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