The final in Mexico was lost by Mol and Sørum.

Anders Mol and Christian Sørum Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

The sand volleyball duo Anders Mol and Christian Sørum lost to Sweden’s Jonatan Hellvig and David Åhman in the final of the world tour tournament in Mexico on Sunday.


The stage was set for an exciting final in Mexican Tepic on Sunday evening. Mol and Sørum lost to the young Swedish duo in the semi-finals of the EC in Munich last year, and repeat the loss in this year’s final.

The Norwegians were never able to catch up to the Swedes, and lost the first set 21–16.

Nor were the Norwegians able to tip the match in their favor in the second set. In the end it was a 21-15 loss.

Thus, the Norwegian duo ends up with a silver position in the tournament.

Åhman (21) and Hellvig (21) have taken the beach volleyball world by storm in the past year and will probably continue to be a tough competitor for the Norwegian top duo for several years to come.

Mol and Sørum are reigning Olympic champions and have won a number of tournaments on the world tour. They won the year’s first Elite16 tournament in Doha at the beginning of February.


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