The film Parallel Mothers closes the New York Film Festival

The 59th edition of the New York Film Festival came to an end and the film selected for its closing was that of the Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar.

The movie Parallel mothers It was screened for the first time before the American public and for this purpose, Almodóvar and two of the actresses who head its cast attended: Penelope Cruz and Milena Smith.


The director from La Mancha referred to the message he wanted to convey in his film: “The family in the last 30 years has changed a lot because the idea of ​​the Catholic family no longer exists alone in Spain. But there are already many families that do not have that substrate. Today’s families are vocational families, they are families based on love and not on a marriage contract. “

Parallel Mothers is a drama with direct references to the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War and is Almodóvar’s twenty-second feature film.

Its premiere in the United States is scheduled for later this year.



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