The film “It was the hand of God” by Paolo Sorrentino is the Italian candidate for the Oscar for best foreign film

It was the hand of God, the latest film by Paolo Sorrentino, was chosen as an Italian candidate for the Oscar for best foreign language film. The film was chosen by a commission of ANICA (the National Association of Multimedia Audiovisual Cinematographic Industries) made up of journalists, producers, distributors and professionals, among the 18 candidates. The list of the final five nominations will be chosen by some members of the Academy (the association that awards the Oscars) and announced on February 8, 2022. The Academy Awards ceremony will be held on March 27 in Los Angeles.

The film is set in Naples in the 1980s (the title is a reference to Maradona) and tells the story of a teenager who in some ways reflect the personal story of Sorrentino. The cast includes Toni Servillo, Filippo Scotti, who plays the protagonist, and Luisa Ranieri. It will be released in Italian cinemas on November 24, and on December 15 it will also be distributed in streaming on Netflix.


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