The fighters opted for an uncompromising solution. Brno experienced a hurricane in a cage

Peter Gabal and Martin Mucha opened all evening. There were a total of ten MMA duels on the program. This fight got to the middle of the second round. The 21-year-old amateur world vice-champion Gabal strangled the Slovak and confirmed that he was the favorite. He had the upper hand on the ground. “I’m not happy at all, I’m pissed, I wasn’t focused, I was looking at the screen, I wasn’t showing what I wanted,” Gabal was critical right after the match in the cage.

Pavel Hvězda Igor Lukačovič. Two police officers who lived together in a villa in the Octagon Challenges project. On Saturday, they went to kill themselves in a cage. And this was the wilderness where they could both win. In the middle of the second round, Hvězda got to the ground and pound and beat on the ground. The dominance was ended by the referee. “This victory was extremely difficult,” breathed the Czech wrestler.

The duel of heavyweights was dominated by the Pole Minda. He beat Daniel Dittrich and went for a beer, O2 TV Sport

Melvin Mané and Robin Fošum, a match up to 100 kilos and two fans of attitude. Mané had his premiere in MMA, he didn’t even fight among amateurs. In the end, it was a win in the first round, which was decided by the great power of Foshuma, who decided to destroy. He won hard on the TKO in the fourth minute. “I flew it, I got injured in the morning, I stretched my muscle, I thought I wouldn’t even fight, I was pissed, I had to do it in the first round,” Fošum admitted after the match.

Salembek Elderbiev and Václav Holota. The huge dominance of the Holota, which had a weight advantage. The whole match took place on the ground, the Czech wrestler wanted to strangle the Chechens, but he showed that he has a fight in his blood. When the submissions did not take place, the blows decided and in the world there was a TKO in the first round.

Matěj Peňáz and Patrik Jevický. The first kickboxer from the Glory organization, the second wild boar who likes to shoot. Estimates spoke of the end in the first round. “I would like a bloody cutter for at least two rounds,” Jevický wished. He didn’t wait. The match didn’t last three minutes. Two sharp kicks to the head at the beginning, then the front back and end. “The beginning was fine, I felt fine. I didn’t want to be on the ground. I put some elbows, I got up and I quite enjoyed it,” Money smiled.

Lucia Szabová and her express win. She finished her Lithuanian opponent in 43 seconds, O2 TV Sport

Jan Fajk and Michal Duba opened the main card. Three-time Czech amateur MMA champion and eleven-time Slovak champion in wrestling. Who will have the upper hand? The match went straight to the ground, where Duba dominated, but the young Czech wrestler showed patience and surprised. In the fourth minute, he put on an arm bar and the Slovak knocked out, losing. “I expected him to get on my back, I waited for the opportunity, I didn’t panic and I waited,” said Fajk after his professional premiere.

Daniel Dittrich and Kamil Minda, heavyweight wrestling. This duel lasted two minutes. Pole Minda loaded Dittrich on the ground. Čech tried to kick his head, but it turned out to be fatal, because then he got to the floor of the octagon and its end was approaching. “I’ll have a beer now, I like that. I would like to wrestle in Okagon and get a belt, “said the winner with the nickname King Kong after the match.

Jozef Wittner sent Pukač to the ground in the third round, after which he knocked out the title match after a while, O2 TV Sport

The only women’s match on the card. Lucia Szabová and Anželika Petkeviučiteová. Here it was very fast, after 43 seconds the Slovak woman put the lever on her hand and the Lithuanian could go home with a defeat, she didn’t even have time to breathe and it was done. “I had no plan, that’s how it turned out, I enjoyed it, I’m always looking forward to the cage,” the winner smiled.

Chopped and then the main match of the evening, where the loser does not remember that he knocked out

Leo Brichta and Mateusz Makarowski. A cage show was expected, a shootout, no boredom. And this came true to the letter, two minutes of the express train, where it flew from all sides. In the end, he strangled Bricht Polák. “I heard (from the coaches) that they said let me go, but there was 50,000 hanging in the air for the performance of the evening. He hit me a few times, but when you go to a shootout, you have to reckon with it, you give, you get, it’s a sport, “the winner smiled.

He ended the whole evening with a duel between Robert Pukač and Jozef Wittner in a welter’s vase. Wittner won the third round when Pukač knocked the match off his back. “The first round was quite nice, I lost in the second, but the coach advised me. I enjoyed it a lot, it was more about pain, “the Slovak admitted after winning.” I don’t remember knocking, I guess by mistake, I don’t remember. .


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