The FIA ​​approved the rule change. She opened up some about the power units –

Teams will be allowed to make temporary powertrain repairs if necessary, which can help them avoid deploying new components. Teams will also be allowed to swap power units for newer specification parts in parc fermé conditions between qualifying and the race.

The World Motorsport Council has also approved a change in the area of ​​fuel temperature, which has been problematic this year. Teams will now be able to cool the fuel down to 20 °C, especially in hot races.

Furthermore, the flexibility tests of the rear wings were tightened.

Some media activities will be moved back from Friday to Thursday.

There have also been changes in the rules regarding Pirelli tire tests. The new regulation states: “No test parts, test software, component changes, or set-up changes will be permitted to provide the competitor with any type of information unrelated to the tire test.”

All setting changes will only be allowed if they are necessary to properly evaluate the tires or to complete the tire test.

The change is most likely a reaction to the situation at the beginning of the year, when Ferrari used two different but legal floor specifications during the tire test.

The traditional evergreen has also returned – the ban on heating blankets for tires. It is currently listed in the 2024 rule change.

The FIA ​​was originally supposed to approve the rules for power units for 2026 at this meeting, but this did not happen. However, according to available information, the approval should take place in the near future. That is also why there is speculation that Porsche and Audi’s entry into F1 may be announced in Austria next week.

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