The federal presidential election in 2022 will be really expensive for Linz


Almost one million euros is earmarked for “elections and civil rights” in Linz’s budget this year – Linz will have to shoulder the lion’s share of this for the federal presidential elections in autumn. Alone for the election postage costs 225,000 are to be raised. The increase in compensation for election workers proposed by Mayor Luger, which is around 25 percent, also has a corresponding impact.

Democracy costs something: not the federal government, but the city and state have to pay for the costs of the federal presidential election in autumn 2022. In total, a sum of millions is due for Linz – if you add the internal preparatory work and internal municipal processes.

35,000 instead of 20,000 voting cards expected
The election postage costs alone devour a small fortune, because more and more citizens are having an election card sent to them. 35,000 absentee ballots are expected for Linz (compared to only around 20,000 in 2016). All in all, additional funds of 225,000 euros are now expected just for postage. The “official election information” to be sent in advance by post to every voter also has a financial impact, because the corresponding postage increases from 0.35 to 0.55 euros per letter.

Plus 25 percent for poll workers
The city of Linz is also generous when it comes to paying the poll workers who work at the polling stations. Mostly it is party members of the city parties who make themselves available and collect a considerable compensation for the respective election Sunday.

Mayor Klaus Luger grants hefty increases for the approximately ten-hour service in the polling stations. The respective returning officers receive 281 euros (previously 225 euros/+24.9 percent), their deputies 263 euros (210 euros/+25.3 percent) and the members of the electoral authorities still receive 211 euros (169 euros/ +24.9 percent).

Cover photo: Peter Lechner/HBF

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