The father suffered losses; Aamir Khan’s Childhood | Aamir Khan Opens Up About His Father Money Debt

EAamir Khan is one of the most valuable actors in Indian cinema. The actor’s latest film Lal Singh Chadha is hitting the theaters on August 11. An Aamir film is releasing after four years. Although controversies and criticisms are going on around the film, Lal Singh Chadha is giving great hope.

Aamir Khan’s childhood was full of hardships. Despite being the son of a prominent Bollywood producer, Aamir and his siblings had no money even to pay their school fees. Now Aamir Khan is talking about his troubled childhood. This was said in an interview given to Bollywood media.

Being the son of filmmaker Tahir Hussain, many thought he would be rich. But he was not a good businessman. Aamir Khan said that although the films produced were successful, he could not earn money.

Father had many debts. Lost money many times. He also took many loans. At that time the interest rate was 36%. Sharing his childhood memories, Aamir Khan said that at one point he lost his house.

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