“The farmer is looking for a wife.” S³awomir married a woman who accompanied him in one of the episodes of the show

Sławomir Banasiak decided to look for love in the sixth edition of the popular show “The farmer is looking for a wife“He invited three ladies to his home: Natalia, Marta and Małgosia, but he did not build a deeper relationship with any of them. It turns out, however, that Sławomir finally found love.

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Sławomir Banasiak from “The farmer is looking for a wife” found love

Sławomir Banasiak appeared in the company of a mysterious woman during the recording of the Christmas episode of the “Farmer Looking for a Wife” program. After some time it turned out that it was she who became his chosen one for life. The interested parties themselves keep their relationship a secret, away from the spotlight. Ewelina allegedly spoke to Sławomir on the social networking site, right after the shooting for the program was finished. Apparently, it immediately sparked between them.

They got married in secret. Evidence that it took place may be the change of Ewelina’s name. Supposedly, for several days, on the public portal, he identifies himself as “Ewelina Banasiak”, which is confirmed by the Pomponik.pl informant.

It was a very mysterious and intimate wedding, for many of us, the proof that it took place is the change of Ewelina’s name.

Although Sławomir stole the heart of a 36-year-old woman during the program, he ultimately did not reciprocate her feelings. He chose the aforementioned Marta, with whom he still parted just a few weeks after the end of the program. He found happiness in Ewelina’s arms. The woman is important to him because she meets the expectations he set at the beginning of the program. Sławomir’s chosen one is ideally suited to the farm, where she gets to know the reality of her beloved. She hopes that their relationship will be serious and that they will be happy with each other.


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