“The farmer is looking for a wife”. Maciej and Ilona on a romantic date. I think it sparked!

The farmer is looking for a wife“is a definite hit, watched by millions of viewers every Sunday. We are getting closer to the finale of the program. This season was assessed by viewers as extremely boring. However, we have the impression that the closer to the end, the more and more emotions. After a long stay on the farm, the candidates will invite farmers to their place, and they will meet possible future parents-in-law.

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” One of the participants caught affectionate

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Maciej and Ilona in a romantic situation

The relationship between the farmer Maciej and his candidates indicated from the very beginning that the man would choose Monika. She was his favorite. During the program, the farmer sent Ewelina home. He wanted to keep her from being hurt and not give the woman any illusory hopes. In the last episode, he had to make a difficult decision. He said goodbye to Monika, because he felt that the relationship with her would involve quarrels and misunderstandings. Instead, he chose a smiling and sincere Ilona. Even then, it was obvious that the couple was getting along. Ilona was very happy with the choice the farmer made. We will find out how the couple’s relationship will develop in the Sunday episode. We already know today that Maciej and Ilona were on a date. An exceptionally romantic photo appeared on the program’s official fanpage on Facebook. It shows Ilona sitting on the farmer’s lap and giving him a sincere smile.

The one who says that he has never been afraid or has no imagination or is simply lying. And one of the more stressful moments in life is when you meet your in-laws – we read above the photo.

'The farmer is looking for a wife'“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Martyna gave up blonde hair. She darkened her hair and made a fringe

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Rumors about the separation of Maciej and Ilona

In the photo, the couple looks really happy. Sad rumors, however, are circulating on the web. Fans of the program report that Maciej has apparently left Ilona and lost contact with her, which we will find out about in the final. There are also theories that Maciej has already found his new girlfriend – a journalist from TVP Białystok. Well … we’ll see on Sunday.

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