The farmer is looking for a wife 7: what happened in episode 5?

The 5th episode of “The farmer is looking for a wife 7” is behind us. Once again, there was no shortage of emotions and controversy. What happened in the fifth episode? The chosen ones of farmers and farmers worked in the field, and for some of them it was a real challenge.

The 5th episode is behind us “The farmer is looking for a wife“, in which once again farmers and female farmers, as well as their chosen ones and chosen ones, tried to fit and experience ordinary days together, which are an integral part of a relationship they can decide on. It turned out that not everyone can get up and work in the often without breakfast and morning coffee were an extremely difficult challenge. Apolonia was found naked by Józef, who caused quite a controversy among viewers. Cleaning up after breakfast was an occasion for talks.

The first emotions appeared among the participants of “The Farmer”, you can see that some farmers have their favorites, and the ladies do not hide that something sparkles. Martyna talked seriously with Dawid, the other participants did not hide that they considered the competitor a great threat. There were also opinions that Dawid behaves differently in front of the cameras and is not entirely himself.

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The farmer is looking for a wife 7: what happened in episode 5 of the program?

Mateusz made no secret of the fact that he got along very well with animals. According to her friends, Ewa did not behave fairly, talking to a friend who began to praise her character and persuading the farmer to choose her. She was described as an insincere friend who goes to get her “over the dead”.

The ladies were faced with various agricultural duties, including the importance and deworming of cows. In turn, among men, even making breakfast together was a competition, they jumped on Magda and decided that they had found a great contact with her. Maciek ordered a cherry picking competition. The farmer definitely helped Ewelina and praised her progress, but revealed that wished Ewelina win.

Józef does not intend to contain his emotions, he boldly hugged his girlfriends, there were also ambiguous proposals. There were unfavorable comments on the web.

– What’s going on here? This guy is gross. It is tasteless to watch – we read in the comments on the program’s Instagram.

After the date with Natalia, Paweł decided that the participant was a lot. He revealed that chemistry had developed between him and one of the ladies. Dawid wants to get to know each of them better, said that now “each of them could become his wife”.

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Magda’s friends fought in a competition in which the prize was a kiss from a farmer. Unfortunately, in this episode we didn’t find out who was the winner. We are left with curiosity to follow the next installment of “The farmer is looking for a wife 7”.


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