The fans are ready to cheer! Patrick Natthawan puts her best in the stage of CHUANG2021, the hot hit of the Dragon Land

So hot, son! Clapping loudly for the handsome Blazing as far as the dragon land Of energetic Thai children Aura through Asia “Patrick Natthawan Finkler” Thai-German mixed boy who many people are familiar with the face of the series The gifted 2. In addition to acting talent The person carries the ability of both singing and dancing to compete in the famous debut of China. CHUANG 2021 The hit reality show season 4 that looks for guys from different countries around the world to push them into new stars. In the international entertainment industry (Last year, thousands of CHUANG 2020 Neneporn took 5th place and was number 1 among the members of a girl group BonBonGirls303 is now available) By this year Nene has also served as Mentor Assistant on this show. Have to wait and see how this senior will introduce the juniors)

By a handsome man made in Thailand Patrick – Natthawan Competing in the Chinese name that “Yin Hao Yu 尹浩宇” Just not in time to launch Patrick’s unpretentiousness and innocence steal fans’ hearts, making it very popular with Mother China. Until Ah Tee Ah Muay And fans from all over Asia rejoice in the sky. Delighted in the perfect combination of young Patrick with the perfect combination Thai-German-Roi Et To the point that the nickname The little boy smiled, melting the world. Which this young Thai man Does not disappoint the mother land

“Hello everyone, my name is Patrick, from Thailand, I will work hard to do my best. Until everyone remembers my name Without having to introduce myself Pat is ready. Chuang To-Gather Go! Follow me to encourage me on WeTV soon #WeTVth “

With determination, focus on practicing, singing, rehearsing and dancing with all one’s heart Show your best abilities Even in the scene where you have to connect with friends who enter the contest Still do well in all activities According to the saying “Do not sink, will not disappear, will not die, Latin and Chinese friends” (a slang word used in beauty circles. When to cheer someone Then we will look at the context of the beauty queen whether this person will fight the Latin beauty queen or not. Because the beauty queen from Latin is very beautiful, very high standard) This event hits Chinese mother’s heart with the cuteness of young Patrick every show, which is considered a competition CHUANG 2021 this year A young boy from Thailand comes to win Immediately go on a favorite number one platform. This event must be cheering and contemplating that “Young Patrick” The owner of the smile surged to the angel’s heart, saying at the Asian superstar. Will stand out as center until the end of the contest? Follow and send encouragement to young Patrick via WeTV channel

Nong Patrick Introduced at the CHUANG 2021 press conference saying “I hope the food (here) will be delicious. Because I really like to eat Hopefully I can go on stage making every People enjoy it and I want to battle to be the center on stage too. ” Follow Patrick: IG: @patrick_pppat

There was also another Thai child who competed in Item CHUANG2021 This year that is Brother Mr. Kornchit Bunstitpakdee A talented boy from Insight Entertainment. You can follow your younger sister at IG @naninenai.

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