The Fan God Join Dewa United

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Fan God or Dadang Subur officially becomes part of the Esports team, Dewa United. This is known from the upload of Dewa United’s Instagram account on Friday (26/3).

This announcement was made only a few days after Dewa Kipas met Dewa United on Tuesday (23/3). During the meeting, Dewa Kipas had an exhibition match with Dewa United representatives, which was won by Dadang with a score of 2-0.

“Welcome Mr. Dadang [Dewa Kipas] at Dewa United Community. Come on, join Dewa United Community, “said Dewa United’s statement on their Instagram account.

Dewa Kipas has been a hot topic of discussion for the past month. The name of the man from Bandung suddenly became famous after winning over the Gotham Chess account held by international chess player IM Levy Rozman in the online chess application


The Fan God account was blocked by and then netizens attacked Gotham Chess and

After that, Dewa Kipas competed against Woman Grandmaster Irene Kharisma Sukandar who was broadcast live on Youtube Deddy Cobuzier, 22 March. In the duel, Dadang lost 0-3 to WGM Irene.

Even though he lost, Dewa Kipas still received a prize of Rp. 100 million after the match. Meanwhile, Irene received a prize of Rp. 200 million for coming out as the winner of the exhibition match.

After the match, the Fan Gods were increasingly invited to compete in chess. One of the things that invited Dewa Kipas is a state-owned company office which will take place on April 3.

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