The famous streamer Dr Disrespect got a lifetime ban on Twitch, he doesn’t know why

Game streamer Dr Disrespect

| photo: Dr Disrespect

Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, known by fans of computer games under the nickname Dr Disrespect, has since 2013 developed into one of the most influential streamers in the video game world. In addition to his distinctive image, he became famous mainly for his distinctive sense of humor. This could be the main reason for the unusually harsh punishment he received from the popular streaming platform Twitch over the weekend.

Dr. Disrespect is used to scandals, among other things, he was expelled from last year’s E3 exhibition for filming on men’s toilets. A more serious accusation against him was made by musician Jimmy Wong, according to whom Disrespect’s frequent parody of the Asian accent is racist.

However, even the famous streamer does not know the specific reasons for the current ban from Twitch. Twitch only refers to the breach of binding rules, but did not explain which ones.

In addition, the rules are written very vaguely and have previously been criticized for their ambiguity (see our article).

Although Disrespect lost all the revenue from Twitch overnight, on the other hand, its Youtube channel continues to function and there is nothing to prevent it from establishing another profile, for example on the competing Facebook Gaming service.


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