The famous “green” bloke: Do you want a hello? Pay in dollars

Nacho -from Chino & Nacho-, Fonseca, Carlos Baute and even El Pibe Valderrama are some of the international celebrities that the service offers, through which anyone can hire a personalized message from their idol.

This platform is not a novelty and there are hundreds of similar pages in the world, some more prestigious than others, something that has to do with the type of artists they promote. What is new is the number of famous Argentines that can be found in the catalog of this site.

In the list, you can find the actor Osvaldo Laport, who can be hired for $ 30; and also the media appears Romina Malaspina, the young woman who became famous for wearing a translucent top on Channel 26 and who sells her greetings for 50 dollars.

Freddy Villarreal (modest, for $ 20), footballer Rolando Schiavi (for 30), TN host Roxy Vázquez (for 22), the media Tamara Bella (for 22) and Lorena Meritano (for 25) also appear on this platform .

Among the most expensive Argentines are the musician Noel Schajaris (for 160) and for ten dollars less you can get a naughty greeting from the media Sabrina Sabrok, famous for her tiny little body and exuberant bust.

Last September, a list of famous Argentines who were part of a similar website emerged. Celebel included figures such as Vicky Xipolitakis, El Polaco, Sofía Clérici, Aníbal Pachacho, Charlotte Caniggia, Fernando Bertona, Majo Martino, and Mariano De la Canal. Although it also offered the services of Alex Caniggia, Daniel Araoz, Milita Bora, Yao Cabrera, Freddy Villareal, Daniel Pucheta, Reina Reech, Pichu Straneo, Gladys La Bomba Tucumana, El Dipy, Tyago Griffo and Yuyito González.

Celebel’s proposal, specifically, was that people can have their “artists, celebrities and influencers closer than ever.” Thus, in addition to the personalized greetings and collective video calls that many use to animate birthdays or various celebrations, it offered differential options for companies, which offer a Zoom call at an event with the famous they want, even selling the possibility that the figures send you a video promoting this or that product or service.

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In addition, emulating the traditional weddings with Elvis Presley in Las Vegas, the platform offered a ceremony by Pastor Pancho – enabled according to a North American congregation – which also included the virtual presence of a chosen celebrity who will officiate as best man or godmother.

These virtual interventions, be they greetings or video calls, had a basic cost of 4 thousand pesos. The other proposals, which involve coordinating a specific day and time, in addition to the communication that can occur with several people in case of a particular event, were obtained for $ 8 thousand pesos.


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