The famous American actor died, he shone in the Mentalist and in films about Santa Claus

American actor Art LaFleur died after a ten-year battle with Parkinson’s disease. He was 78 years old. He became famous for the role of Babe Ruth in the baseball comedy Plácek, you can also remember him in the detective series Mentalista or the comedy about Santa Claus.

Art LaFleur lost a long battle with the insidious disease on Wednesday. His wife announced the sad news to fans on Saturday, the American portal warned TMZ.

The favorite actor died at home surrounded by family. Although he was dependent on the care of others and knew that the end was near, he did not stop joking. Even before his death, he wanted to cast smiles on his faces.

In addition to Pláck, he also starred in another comedy about the baseball, Playground of Dreams, where he worked as a partner for Kevin Costner. Fans of the series Mentalist can remember LaFleur from the episode Red Bulls, he shone in it in the role of detective Louise Earlen. In the three-part comedy series about Santa Claus, he played the character of Tooth Fairy.

He started acting as a 31-year-old when he moved from Chicago to Los Angeles in 1975. According to his wife, he was generous and selfless, and although he cared about his career, he always had a family in the first place.



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