The family theater with an audience returns tomorrow to Los Canapés

The gradual relaxation of restrictions in the municipality of Avilés has allowed us to once again enjoy the hotel industry and commerce or visit neighboring councils, but it has also revived the cultural sector since this March activities with the public return. The Family Theater programming is resumed at the Los Canapés Cultural Center, with two free performances recovered after its suspension.

The first session will take place tomorrow, Friday 5, with the play ‘El Horobado’ that the company Saltantes Teatro brings to the city. The other function will be on Friday 19, with the play ‘Memories’, this time by the Adrián Conde Company. Both will begin at 6:00 p.m.

The first of the representations will make many remember the fateful fire in the Parisian cathedral of Notre Dame. The Saltantes Teatro company will resurrect the emblematic characters of Esmeralda and Quasimodo in Los Canapés, popularized thanks to children’s films and which on this occasion will be played by actors Nerea Vázquez and Luis Alija.

In addition to entertaining, this production aims to highlight the importance of culture, “of the tangible and intangible assets that make up everyone’s heritage, from a cathedral to the simple act of sitting at a table and sharing food, and how respect them.

Tickets for this show can be collected from yesterday at the Los Canapés Cultural Center box office.

The next date to mark on the calendar, at least families who like live theater, is March 19. After several postponements of its premiere in Avilés due to the health situation, it will finally be possible to enjoy ‘Recuerdos’, a work by the Adrián Conde Company in collaboration with Yuju Espectáculos.

The play promises viewers “a magical flight through emotional intelligence, in which boys and girls will wonder, how are memories stored? For how long? Do they always remember each other in the same way?

It is a creation by Adrián Conde, who also plays it, and Pep Vila, who directs it. Together they have managed to shape a show that they define as “an autobiographical journey through memory”, narrated through the story of Marcelino, a curious collector of memories.

Tickets for this second theatrical show can be collected from next Wednesday, March 17. The show also starts at 6 pm.

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