The family of Thomas, stabbed to death in Sarcelles, “does not want political recovery”

On social networks, the far right is seizing the case, making Thomas, 23, a symbol of the ravages of a supposed “anti-white racism”. “It’s big nonsense what’s happening, denounces his father, Philippe. It is not a question of black or white. I see parallels with Adama Traoré… We must stop! I do not want political recovery on the subject. “

The young man was stabbed in Sarcelles (Val-d’Oise) on the night of May 9 to 10 while he was celebrating the end of his employment contract with friends, by a forty-something, recently released from prison. He died on June 11 at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris (13th century). His parents claim their anger while the aggressor, repeated offender, was known for “aggravated violence”, according to the family.

“Thomas was open, with no regard for skin color or religion”

In a tweet published by Thomas’s cousin and relayed thousands of times, the family says they do not want “a debate around anti-white racism” or “to be assimilated to a political party”. “If you had known him, you would know that Thomas was not an extremist. Thomas was open and passionate about the world, regardless of skin color or religion, ”she writes.

Philippe regrets the “too large proportions” that takes the business. “Nationalist networks pollute our point by exaggerating things. We must not speak of this matter as a matter of racism, it is irrelevant. But of a drift in our society where dangerous individuals can walk around with impunity, ”says the father.

His father denounces “a laxity of justice”

Employee of an insurance company in the village district, in Sarcelles, he focuses his speech on “laxity of justice”. “We let thugs without faith or law act, disturb people who want a quiet life, to have social peace,” he argues. No one controls anything anymore. The law of the strongest is established, especially in Sarcelles. “

Faced with the media enthusiasm which “exceeds” him, the father thinks about the postponement of a white march that he called for. “I don’t know if organizing it now would be very judicious, Philippe breathes. I will maintain the project of a step, but I think we will wait until the soufflé settles down a bit. “

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