The family of the deceased priest will go to the hospital with an official complaint / Article /

The family of the deceased priest Gregor Kibulis will go to Stradins Hospital with an official complaint about his care at the Emergency Medicine Center. The family emphasizes that he was discharged with great pain and that the fact that he died the next day shows that his health was critical.

Families caused widespread resonance in society this week story of an old man, who was discharged from the hospital with powerless and intravenous drug system needles.

The priest of the Ladman Church died at home. The relatives of the emergency team called by relatives were unable to resuscitate him. He was well aged and ill. However, the relatives were surprised that a day earlier he had been discharged from the Emergency Medicine Center of Stradins Hospital a few hours, where he had been taken by an “ambulance” team.

The priests prescribed it, but the medicine did not.

His relative, whose name on LTV is known, agreed, without mentioning his name, to tell how the last evening of the priest and the next day passed.

“The lower abdomen really hurts, go to the back. My mom got dead, I had those morphine patches. Gone with the cancer. I put that patch on. I used a medium-strength sticker, it got better, ”said a relative.

He said that the doctors were indifferent and “when I came home, I say, I obeyed, but it hurts, even if the painkillers don’t work. [..] I kind of said he was from 1933, as if giving up by hand. Well, what do you want you to be 87 years old. ”

The relative also reaffirmed that the patient had systems for administering the medicine in both veins.

Stradins Hospital claims that both the medical records and the surveillance cameras show that they were removed.

But the family says the needle was only removed by the emergency team, who resuscitated dads the next day.

“They take their hands there, they need to measure the pressure. The shirt was. Incentives. Needles! I didn’t know until then. Nothing was said in both hands. One needle was quickly removed, the pressure had to be measured there. The second remained. Nothing was removed. Check out the person as a machine from the service. The screw was not screwed anywhere, ”said a relative.

The family of the deceased priest will apply to Stradins Hospital with an official claim.

“Not to complain, but not to rot. Well, admit it was. But the most painful thing is that it will continue. Even a dog, a cat, but here a person – “ai nu ko, 87 years old”, “the relative explained the reasons.

The case has already been investigated at Stradins Hospital and no violations were initially detected. It is not an offense for a patient to be taken outside by being returned to their relatives. The hospital staff member did not leave him alone and met his relatives.

“I talked to the doctor who treated me, the examinations did not show that I should stay in the hospital. No acute pathologies were detected, ”Alona Prutkova, the doctor in charge of the Stradins Hospital Emergency Medicine Center, previously pointed out.

Today in Stradiņš Hospital, he refused to comment on what happened in front of the camera. The hospital expressed its views in writing.

“After the first examination of the situation, no violations in the patient’s care have been identified. Of course, if we receive a formal complaint from relatives, we will have grounds to re-examine the events in more detail, ”said Evija Mileiko, a spokeswoman for the hospital’s Communications Department.

The emergency department explains that there is no legal basis to publicly confirm or deny that there were needles in the veins of a patient discharged from hospital. However, as there will be a formal complaint from relatives, the service will provide such information formally.

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