The Fall Guys phenomenon game will have its port on our smartphones

From the disclosure of the first images, Fall Guys immediately made players around the world want to join the competition. A Takeshi’s Castle-style competition in which 100 players compete against each other for victory. A configuration that is reminiscent of the ultra popular Battle Royale, involving a lot of people to come out on top. And as a good game for many, it was predictable that Fall Guys eventually arrive on our smartphones, a platform increasingly popular with players, especially occasional players.

It was a Chinese studio that won the right to distribution de la version mobile de Fall Guys.

Credit: Devolver Digital

For the moment, the rights have only been acquired in China, with a new name pour Fall Guys.

Fall Guys renommé Jelly Bean: Ultimate Knockout sur nos smartphones

It is Bilibili, a Chinese company, which decided to buy the rights for the distribution of Fall Guys on smartphone. At least for China. For the occasion, the studio also decided to rename the game in Jelly Bean: Ultimate Knockout. Note that, as the tweet below from the developers indicates, the port has not even started. It will therefore be necessary to be wary of false advertisements for a Fall Guys on mobile. Especially on Android, where applications fraudulent abound, and follow the progress of the project to download the official version.

That Fall Guys is taking advantage of a mobile version is, in truth, not surprising. Because the game is intended for parties fast, anywhere, and the platform is very popular. A craze that even affects casual players and the opportunity to reach them.

Without forgetting that a good number of games featuring 100 players have already been entitled to ports. We think of Fortnite, from Epic Games, currently at war with Apple because of its monopoly on iOS. Without forgetting PUBG, which even has its version ” Lite »For connections and less powerful smartphones.

In the genre with much fewer players, Dead by Daylight has recently been available on iOS and Android. So it seems obvious that the mobile platform has become unmissable for online games.



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