The facts about the bodies in Kediri were not taken care of by the neighbors to name the Gotong Keranda village officials

Social media has recently been fueled by video dead body that it seemed that the neighbors left her until the village apparatus delivered her at the funeral like a soap opera Indosiar.

The video has been uploaded to the account Instagram @Terangmedia Wednesday 21 September 2022. The incident is suspected to have occurred in Semen, KediriEast Java.

In the video, village officials still wearing official uniforms carry the corpse’s coffin which is covered with a green sheet.

Meanwhile, the villagers are not seen in the video. Assuming the body was abandoned by the neighbors.

Furthermore, the narration in the post by @TerangMedia, states that the news of the death of the body was announced, but no one heard the neighbors, so the village apparatus intervened.

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