The fact that the former director general of the Ministry of Home Affairs was removed last month is now a KPK suspect


Mochamad Ardian Noervianto was removed from his position as Director General (Dirjen) of Regional Financial Development (Keuda) of the Ministry of Home Affairs (Ministry of Home Affairs). A month after his removal from his position, it is now suspected that Ardian Noervianto was named as one of the KPK suspects.

As known, Ardian Noervianto He was the Director General of Regional Financial Development (Keuda) of the Ministry of Home Affairs. However, on November 19, 2021, the Ministry of Home Affairs assigned Ardian to the Institute for Domestic Administration (IPDN).

“Last week, November 19, 2021. Pak Ardian was assigned to carry out his duties as a lecturer at IPDN,” said Head of the Penuspen Kemendagri Benni Irwan when asked for confirmation, Friday (26/11).

The name Mochamad Ardian Noervianto was also mentioned in the bribery trial of the inactive South Sulawesi Governor Nurdin Abdullah. Ardian Noervianto was mentioned in Nurdin Abdullah’s trial asking for fee the project is about 7 percent of the South Sulawesi Provincial Government’s DAK funds.

However, now Ardian’s name is suspected to be one of the KPK suspects.

The KPK is developing a case from the case of the East Kolaka Regent, namely the alleged bribery related to the application for a 2021 Regional National Economic Recovery (PEN) loan. Former Director General of the Ministry of Home Affairs Ardian Noervianto is suspected of being a suspect in this case.

By source, Ardian Noervianto was justified as a suspect in the alleged bribery. However, Acting KPK Spokesperson Ali Fikri explained that the KPK had not been able to reveal who the suspects were.

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“Regarding the full description of the case, who are the parties who will later be announced as suspects along with the article on the alleged suspect, we cannot inform you at this time,” Ali told reporters, Wednesday (12/29/2021).

“At the time of forcible arrest and detention, the KPK will announce the parties that have been named as suspects,” he added.


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