The face recognition of iPhone 13 mobiles can also work with a mask and wet glasses

The Face ID of the iPhone 13 mobiles is not reported to be embarrassed even when wearing a mask.

A FrontPageTech to his knowledge, Apple is testing a new Face ID system, one that will also fit in iPhone 13 mobiles. Oddly enough, the workers weren’t given away the new smartphones, but a special case for the iPhone 12 that includes the new Face ID module on top. The system can use this for authentications. The published images are rendered versions, the originals have not been disclosed to protect the sources.

Apple iPhone Face ID-modulSource: frontpagetech

Apple is said to have given a lot of workers within the company such a case. The new Face ID module is not embarrassed even if the user is wearing a mask and paired glasses. Of course, not all tests are performed in this form, but they are said to be very thorough, with rehearsals taking place both indoors and outdoors.

Hopefully the iPhone 13 is really evolving a lot in this area, so the manufacturer would have to rely less on the Apple Watch. Of course, you could finally switch to a display-built fingerprint reader, but previous reports say the Cupertino company took the opportunity to do so after thorough testing.


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