The F1 champion tested the VW electric racer. And straight to the Ring

Shortly after winning his only championship title, Nico Rosberg left the championship to eventually become a big fan of electric cars. Now he’s tried one of the faster ones.

Electric race car Volkswagen ID.R – record holder from Pikes Peak and pioneer of electric technologies VW – tested F1 champion from 2016 Nico Rosberg. Shortly after the Formula 1 underpass, the German became a supporter of electrical technology and, among other things, founded the Greentech Sustainability Festival.

The former Mercedes driver and winner of twenty-three grand awards sat in the cockpit of a race car at the Nürburgring. However, he did not go to the legendary Northern Loop, but to the Grand Prix variant of the track, which was ridden last weekend. Eifel Grand Prix. And Rosberg enjoyed the opportunity, even though the weather was bad.

“I haven’t driven a real race car in the rain for a long time, but with ID.R I immediately felt like a fish in water. My feelings are fantastic. Traction, acceleration, downforce, it all seemed familiar to me. “ described the first experience with this machine.

“The challenge of motorsport is to change mobility as a whole. It was to be a field for testing and developing technologies for their subsequent use in series production. This is exactly what happened in the case of ID.R and ID.3. I can imagine that I would get ID.3 for my family, “ Rosberg added.

As Volkswagen likes to state, ID.R is a kind of technical laboratory for the whole modern family of electric cars. And very successful. He currently holds five speed records – on Pikes Peak, on the Goodwood Hill track, on Mount Tianmen, on the Ring and finally on the Bilster Berg circuit.

The carmaker is trying to project all the acquired knowledge and experience from record rides into its serial electric cars. The era of the new ones started with a compact hatchback ID.3, which is gradually followed by a larger crossover ID.4. However, Volkswagen is preparing a number of such models, by 2025 it wants to introduce a total of twenty electric cars.


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