The extinction of the sun according to science destroys life, similar to the Quranic explanation: Okezone techno

JAKARTASun it is an important source for the life of creatures on Earth, especially humans. Its large size, heat and light will be extinct at the end of time.

Summarized from the book Qur’an vs Modern Science, Ramadhani, it states that when the sun goes out it will cause extinction, especially for all life in the universe.

It is known that sunlight appears due to chemical processes on its surface. Where the process lasts five billion years.

Then, the Koran speaks of the true life of the sun, which is one of the signs of its power. Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala says:

And the sun runs towards its resting place, and this is the decree of the Powerful, the Omniscient.

Wasy-syamsu tajrī limustaqarril lahā, żālika taqdīrul-‘azīzil-‘alīm

Meaning: “And the sun walks in its orbit. Such is the decree of the Almighty and Omniscient.” (SQ. Yasin: 38).

The verse, in Arabic used, is mustaqarr, which means predetermined place or time. Therefore the Quran says, the sun goes at a predetermined time.

That is, there is a time when the Sun will end, dim or go out. In addition, science also explains, objects in the universe formed as a result of the Big Bang or the Great Explosion.

Over time, these objects will also be destroyed due to a large explosion due to the power of the energy exceeding the limit.

Based on the Quran-based science book Ridwan Abdullah Sani, the condition of the destruction of the universe during the apocalypse is described in Sura At-Takwir verses 1-2, which is as follows:

This is the sun of the Koran

And when the stars were fading

Iżasy-syamsu kuwwirat, Wa iżan-nujụmungkadarat

Meaning: “When the sun is rolled up, and when the stars fall”, we read in the verse “(QS. At Takwir: 1-2).

If you pay attention to the verse, explain that the sun’s matter and energy decrease over time, so that it turns into a fainter star. Later, the sun will darken without emitting light.

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