The excellent Razer Viper Ultimate mouse at 130 euros instead of 170

Razer produces excellent mice, the Viper Ulitmate is surely one of its top of the range. For its Gaming Week, Amazon offers it with 40 euros reduction, an opportunity not to be missed.

Razer offers many products dedicated to gamers, including an excellent line of mice called Viper. The Ultimate model is offered in promotion by Amazon with its charging station. You can get it for 129 euros instead of 169.

In short

  • Lightweight
  • 70 hour battery life
  • 4 saveable profiles

The mouse Razer Viper Ultimate is available at 129 euros on Amazon instead of 169 with its charging station.

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The Viper is the mouse model gaming from Razer ultra light. Where most of its competitors will exceed 100 grams, it weighs only 74 grams. Razer has even thought of everyone by giving it an ambidextrous format so that left-handed and right-handed people can enjoy the same comfort and benefits.

The wireless connection is made with a dongle USB with Razer HyperSpeed ​​technology providing extremely low latency and excellent transmission stability. Razer promises performance identical to wired mice.

The 8 mouse buttons promise super fast reaction speed to ensure the player doesn’t experience any delays. The 20,000 DPI sensor offers almost flawless tracking of your movements. A profile backup system allows you to keep your sensitivity and other settings on any computer you connect your mouse to.

Finally, wireless mouse requires, autonomy must be excellent. With the mouse logo unlit, you should be able to hold out for almost 70 hours. When you can no longer hold on, simply place it on its charging station to reinvigorate itself.

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