The exact opposite of Nancy Ajram?.. You won’t believe what Hamada Helal did, the moment the Maghrib call to prayer, while singing on stage, shocked his audience! !

The Egyptian artist Hamada Helal is still talking on social media because of his statements during his meeting with the media, Asma Ibrahim, presenter of the “Ink Secret” program, which is broadcast on the “Cairo and the People” satellite channel.

The meeting included many statements that sparked controversy, including the conflict between him and himself since he performed his first Umrah, about the ruling on singing and whether it is permissible or forbidden.

Where he answered the question of the possibility of leaving art by saying: “I can’t say art is halal or forbidden, and the only thing I can do is that I fear God in my life, and after that the keys to heaven and fire are with our Lord, not with humans.”

These statements by the artist brought to the minds of the public the controversy caused by Hamada Hilal years ago, as he did not stop singing the moment the Maghrib call to prayer was raised at a party held at Mansoura University.
In it, the pioneers of the communication sites circulated a video in which they indicated that it was recorded during a ceremony held by the artist Hamada Helal at Mansoura University, and it was noted that he did not stop singing during the call to prayer in Morocco.

At the time, the artist Hamada Hilal was subjected to a wide campaign of sharp criticism, as the followers accused him of insulting the call to prayer, and considered his behavior an inappropriate act and a violation of the principles, but sources close to the artist denied these details, stressing that it was just a rumor trying to undermine the artist Hamada Hilal.

The audience recalled the fact that the Lebanese singer, Nancy Ajram, stopped singing at the concert she gave recently, at the end of the “Middle Beast” festival, in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and she left the stage after she performed only two songs.

Nancy said that she left the concert stage after presenting two songs, out of respect for the evening call to prayer, according to Saudi time, which earned her the respect of the Saudi and Arab audience.

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