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Olga Sharypova claims that she does not demand anything from the seventh racket of the world. Its goal is to make the fact of violence public

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Olga Sharypova, a former girlfriend of German tennis player Alexander Zverev, accused the 23-year-old athlete of domestic violence. About it reports “Championship”.

Nakanune Sharypova stated on Instagram that she was subjected to domestic violence in August 2019 in New York. When she published, she did not specify exactly who she accuses.

“Naturally, there are no direct witnesses that he strangled me, and they cannot be, because it was happening in private. But I am ready for any tests, including a lie detector, to confirm my words. I do not demand anything from him. I just want them to know about it, ”Sharypova said.

According to Zverev’s ex-girlfriend, she was silent for a long time about violence from the tennis player, because she was afraid of persecution from his fans. She also needed time to restore her nervous system. “Now that I’ve let it go and experienced it, I’m ready to talk about it. I couldn’t before, ”she said.

On the eve of another ex-girlfriend of Zvereva Brenda Patea statedwhat is expected from a child tennis player. According to the model, she plans to raise the child alone.

Alexander Zverev is the son of Soviet tennis players Alexander Zverev and Irina Fateeva. He was born in Germany, where his parents got a job.

Tim defeated Zverev and became the US Open champion

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Zverev Jr. ranks seventh in the ATP ranking. His best Grand Slam achievement is the 2020 US Open Final. At the ATP tournaments, the tennis player won 13 titles, in October he won two competitions in a row in Cologne.

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