The events that marked Lyon in 2020!

These 12 months will of course have been impacted by the Covid-19, but also marked by the elections which were a real turning point in the political history of Lyon.

The Auberge de Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or loses its third star!

The year 2020 will have been a complicated year for Paul Bocuse’s restaurant. On January 27, the famous Michelin gastronomic guide announced that the Auberge de Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or was losing its third star.

Although upset by the judgment of the inspectors, there is one thing that we never wish to lose, and that is the soul of Mr. Paul. Paul Bocuse was a visionary, a free man, a force of nature, and it is in this spirit that we have built the new experience that we have been orchestrating since October 2019“, said the restaurant teams in a statement.

A year that will also have been turned upside down by the health crisis for the restaurant owner. The teams suffered the full brunt of the two confinements and therefore the closure of the restaurant, which will not reopen before January 20, 2021, at least, a little less than a year after the loss of the star.

The Lyonnais put to the test of confinement

Containment, deconfinement, re-containment and curfew, these are surely the four words most heard this year. Entered into force on March 17, the first confinement will have at least made it possible to discover Lyon differently. The banks of the Rhône closed, the empty streets of the Place Bellecour, passing by the Place des Terreaux or the district of Confluence. An almost apocalyptic atmosphere.

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The second confinement was much lighter for him because a good number of Lyonnais continued to go to work.

In 2021, everyone now hopes to turn the page and not relive a “third episode”. However, to date, the hypothesis has not been ruled out by the government.

Grégory Doucet and Bruno Bernard win municipal and metropolitan elections

A first round on March 15 before confinement, the second on June 28, these elections will remain unique in history, and not only for timing reasons. The two environmentalists Grégory Doucet and Bruno Bernard won the municipal and metropolitan elections and thus brought down Gérard Collomb, who had rallied to the right of Etienne Blanc and François-Noël Buffet during the interval between the two rounds.

Grégory Doucet was officially elected mayor of Lyon on July 4, after having collected the scarf stretched out by Gérard Collomb in person. Two days before, on July 2, Bruno Bernard had been installed president of the Metropolis at the Lyon Convention Center at the Cité Internationale.

After six months in power, environmentalists have already made people talk about them. We think in particular of the wish of the Aldermen in which the mayor did not want to participate, the management of the health crisis, such as the question of screening, or the exit of Grégory Doucet on the Tour de France a few days before the passage of the Grande Loop between Rhône and Saône.

The Dardenne brothers received the Lumière Award

Despite the health crisis, Thierry Frémaux managed to organize, as best he could, the Lumière Festival. Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne received the coveted Prix Lumière on October 16. They succeeded Francis Ford Coppola, Jane Fonda, Wong Kar-Wai, Catherine Deneuve or Martin Scorsese.

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This edition will also have been the occasion to discover Soul preview, the latest animated feature film from Pixar studios which is now available on the Disney + platform.

More than 12,000 people in Lyon to pay tribute to Samuel Paty

On October 16, Samuel Paty, professor of history and geography in the Yvelines, was assassinated on leaving his college. Two days later, on October 18, many gatherings were organized in France and in particular in Lyon. Place Bellecour, 12,000 people were present to pay tribute to him.

After long minutes of applause, the crowd headed for Place des Terreaux for an improvised silent march. A man was arrested after provoking the procession and the police.

Wild fireworks for such a special 2020 Festival of Lights

No lights, but fireworks for December 8 this year. Due to the health context, no illumination was planned in Lyon in this very special year. The mayor of Lyon had called for lighting our windows and balconies with candles to “pay tribute to our caregivers“.

But at 9 p.m., the Lyonnais were surprised to discover a firework display in the Presqu’île. Even if nothing has yet been formalized, it is the supporters of OL who would be at the origin of this sublime spectacle.

Beautiful, but criticized. Grégory Doucet and the prefecture of Lyon had then decided to take legal action “in order to shed light on this stealthy and coordinated action, undeclared and creating a major disturbance to public order“A decision that did not please the supporters, who were quick to make up Grégory Doucet as a clown on social networks.

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