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The Minister of Equipment, Mr. Gado Sabo Moctar and the Director General of the Agency for the Modernization of Cities, Mr. Mamoudou Moctar held a working session on Thursday 6 October 2022 in the meeting room of the Ministry of Equipment. This meeting extended to the collaborators of the two personalities focused on the mission report to evaluate the work of the rotating festivals. Mr. Moctar Mamoudou came to share his report with the aforementioned ministry in order to receive and take into account their various observations and orientations.

So, after about an hour of discussions, at the end of the meeting the Director General of the Agency for the Modernization of Cities wanted to illustrate to the press the objectives of the meeting but also those of the mission he carried out in all the regions of Niger . “It’s a business meeting that follows the tour of the different cities we did. These are different tours that have allowed us to evaluate the situation in the different cities in terms of work in the context of the rotating festivals. There are works that are taken care of by the equipment ministry, others by the domain ministry and still others by the rotating party committees, ”he pointed out. It is a question, he added, of explaining the whole situation to the minister, that is, of discussing the work carried out “so that their observations can be taken into account, first and second, to define the prospects”.

Speaking of perspectives, he stressed that it is first and foremost a question of how to finish the unfinished business? How to renew some achievements and define perspectives for the continuation of the work undertaken but also perspectives aimed at further modernizing our cities.

Mr. Moctar Mamoudou took the opportunity to pay tribute to the government of Niger, for the revival program act 1 and 2 led by the former President of the Republic of Niger, Mr. Mahamadou Issoufou, “which allowed today to provide all the our cities with structuring equipment and infrastructures. Those who have done relevant work in reducing the disparities between cities. Today Niger is compared with all the countries of the West African subregion, it is difficult to find such balanced cities, “he said . In other countries, he said, after the capital and perhaps the second city, it is difficult to find other cities with equipment and infrastructures that can make this territory into real cities. “In Niger it is not like that. Go to any city you feel comfortable with. really in a city. This goes to the credit of the current highest authorities of our country. The President of the Republic pays particular attention to consolidating these results, to perpetua rli and to carry on this dynamic of city development and modernization ”, said the Director General of the AMV.

Speaking of the AMV, he noted that its goal is to create a better framework for collaboration and exchange between the different actors, to create the conditions for them to dialogue with each other. “The Agency is a structure that accompanies, helps in the decision-making process and provides technical support. We have the ability to support all players and create the best synergies so that we can take charge of the fate of our cities, “she said.

Speaking of the mission’s general statement, he indicated that there were results. “I will not say that there are no corrections we need to make. There are obviously successes, obviously there are failures. The most important thing for us is to capitalize on the successes, correct the failures and create a dynamic that will further strengthen based on the successes and everything we have had to do wrong so that we avoid repeating mistakes, “he said. underlined, adding that for this reason it is essential to talk to everyone.

He pointed out that during this tour the mission met all the key players, that is, the mayors, governors and actors of the first circle of managing the destiny of our cities. “We have been on the right path since we have listened, we have been attentive, the better we have had the will and enthusiasm of these actors to go in the direction we have defined together so that our cities emerge more and that Niger can be a model of a country that has been able to start up and be successful in urban development, “he said.

By Ali Maman (onep)

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