The European Union will increase sanctions against Belarus for organizing illegal migration

“The European Council has agreed on migration. Opinions state that the EU condemns hybrid attacks at its external borders and that the instrumentalization of illegal migration for political purposes will not be allowed. It is decided to extend sanctions to natural and legal persons involved in organizing hybrid attacks,”

It notes that EU leaders have agreed to come to the European Commission with concrete proposals to amend migration policy legislation.

As Barend Leits, press secretary to European Council President Charles Michel, said on Twitter, EU leaders have emphasized their condemnation of any hybrid attacks and will respond accordingly.

The President of Lithuania called on the European Council to take immediate action to combat illegal migration, which is the result of a hybrid attack by the Belarussian regime.

During the consultation, he put forward proposals for the necessary amendments to EU law, developed together with like-minded countries.

“I am pleased that today we have reached an agreement with our EU colleagues on the issue of illegal migration. Lithuania’s recommendations have been taken into account and included in the meeting’s opinions. EU leaders have formulated clear guidelines and tasks for the European Commission in the near future,” Nauseda said.

“[Baltkrievijas aurtoritārā līdera Aleksandra] The Lukashenko regime will now see that the EU is able to react, to take decisions and to stand up for itself, “he told reporters in Brussels, noting that the text of the debate reflected the key needs of countries facing a migrant crisis.

“First of all, the operation of the Belarussian regime has been recognized as a hybrid attack on Lithuania, Poland and Latvia, and we see a wide range of possible measures and regulatory changes that [vajadzības gadījumā] “It will allow to eliminate the problems we face at the EU ‘s external borders,” said the President of Lithuania.

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