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Next Wednesday the activities related to the European Mobility Week. Under the motto of ‘For a mobility without emissions’The program includes as a novelty the Conference ‘Low Emission Zones’ organized by Ecologists in Action. They will run until Tuesday 22, set as European Car Free Day.

Your goal is the public awareness and public administration for which “a very complete and diverse program has been developed in which more lenses are provided than ever.” This is how the councilor for the environment of the Gijón City Council defined it, who spoke of a demanding and ambitious motto.

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“The most successful of ever employed”, pointed out the president of the Mobility Forum. However, Manuel Cañete He has also had a slap on the wrist for the municipal Executive.

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During these seven days there will be talk about bicycle safety, the urban distribution of goods or the future of the bus after COVID-19 and there will be activities organized by ’30 days by bike ‘and’ Asturies conBici ‘.

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The provincial chief of traffic, Raquel Casado spoke of a new mobility derived from the new normal.

The European Mobility Week aims to promote healthy and sustainable mobility, encouraging the use of public transport, bicycles, trips on foot or carpooling systems, something that Casado called the multimodal mobility, faced with the negative consequences for public health and the environment of irrational use of the car in the city.

Its effects should already be seen in 2023, with the mandatory creation of the first low-emission areas. This will be discussed on Saturday 19 during the Conference organized by Ecologists in Action.

The so-called LEZs are areas where access to certain vehicles is restricted due to their polluting emissions. Its implementation is set within a period of three years and is one of the most important measures of the National Energy and Climate Plan, which is going to be on the national political agenda, mandatory from 2023 Paco Ramos president Ecologists in Action

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