The European Commission is helping Ukraine to Repair its Energy Infrastructure

The European Commission supports Ukraine in its efforts to repair its energy infrastructure at the moment, and this is because it is sending huge sums of money, but also equipment, or accessories, to help the country invaded by Russia to provide its citizens with electricity in normal conditions.

The European Commission explains below how much money it sent to Ukraine, how many generators it sends, but also how many light bulbs reach Ukrainians, so we are talking about huge investments made at the European level to help the country that is currently going through a extremely complicated period, unfortunately.

The EU is providing vital support to Ukraine to address its particular challenges in the energy sector. This includes: providing 2,400 additional generators, in addition to the 3,000 already delivered since the start of the aggression.

EUR 157.5 million from the Energy Support Fund established by the Energy Community. 35 million LED bulbs purchased by the EU to help Ukrainians reduce energy consumption.

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