The EU Justice and Home Affairs Council will be held on 8 December, where we hope that Romania will be accepted into Schengen

Interior Minister Lucian Bode said Thursday that the EU Justice and Home Affairs Council will be held on 8 December “in which we hope that Romania will be accepted into Schengen”.

“Until then there will be a report by a team of EU experts on border management, police cooperation and the return of illegal migrants,” said Bode.

“The EU Evaluation Mission is made up of experts from 15 Member States. The Netherlands did not send any evaluators, although any Schengen Member State could send their own experts. I hope that the first conclusions of the experts will be presented to the JAI Council. next week in Luxembourg “, said the Minister of the Interior.


In 2011, the issue was voted on by national ministers, but membership was blocked by the Dutch and Finnish governments. Joining the Schengen area without a passport requires unanimity of votes and the issue will be voted on again in December.

“The Czech Presidency is committed to making progress to allow Bulgaria and Romania to be fully part of the Schengen area,” Czech Minister for European Affairs Mikuláš Bek said Wednesday during a debate on this issue in the European Parliament. Euractiv reports.

According to the source cited, a clear majority of MEPs support the lifting of border controls in the two countries and will vote on a resolution on this issue in plenary session from 17 to 20 October.

Only the Identity and Democracy (ID) group, with Guido Reil, of the Alternative für Deutschland party, remains opposed, which defines Romania as the “Wild West” in the center of Europe and highlights the levels of corruption and organized crime in the two countries.

“We have two EU member states that meet all the conditions to join this area. They are ready for Schengen, but have been waiting for the green light from the Council since 2011. 11 years, no progress. This is simply unacceptable,” he said. stated the president of the European People’s Party Manfred Weber.

“There are no first and second class or there are no objective reasons to deny Bulgaria and Romania this success. They have taken all necessary measures and let me reassure our friends in Sofia and Bucharest, you have our support, your place is in Schengen, “he added.

Similarly, S&D President Iratxe Garcia Perez described the “block in the Council” as “discriminatory”.

“There is a lot of talk about solidarity, but it must apply to everyone. You cannot ask for solidarity from Bulgaria and Romania when the European Union does not respect its commitments. It is the best recipe for fueling disillusionment with Europe and support for anti-European populist messages, “he added.

The left supports the measure, but sees a model of trade-off between freedom of movement and violence against migrants and refugees at the borders.

“I strongly believe in the free movement of all, but it is very difficult for me to separate the extension of Schengen from the violence that is happening on the borders of Europe. Grotesque and spectacular violence and high-speed abuse against refugees attempting to enter Croatia. “Clare Daly said on behalf of The Left.

“Bulgaria and Romania make it very difficult to escape the impression that the EU requires these countries to show that they will stop at nothing to keep migrants out as a price for free movement. The EU appears to have developed a habit of rewarding frightening behavior with free movement, “he said.

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