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The EU has exported 41 million doses of the vaccine to 33 countries

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Immunization in Germany – a disaster

In the last six weeks alone, the EU has exported 41 million doses of the vaccine to 33 countries, the European Commission chief said. “This shows that Europe is trying to make international cooperation work, whether we do it by funding COVAX – we are the largest donor – or by exporting to other countries. But open roads are moving in both directions. That is why we must ensure that there is “reciprocity” and “proportionality”, Ursula von der Layen was categorical.

She clarified that it may be necessary to limit exports to countries that produce such preparations. The measure could also affect those countries where the number of vaccinated is higher than in the EU.

“If the situation does not change, we will have to consider how to make exports to vaccine-producing countries, depending on their level of openness,” the EC chief added.

Von der Layen clarified that vaccines and raw materials for their production are freely exchanged with the United States. So far, the EU has exported 10 million doses of the vaccine to Britain, and we call for reciprocity, she said.

According to her, a third wave of epidemics is rising in the EU and this further increases the need for accelerated vaccination.

Pfizer and Moderna are fulfilling their contracts with the EC and by the end of the first quarter 66 million doses are expected to be delivered from the first manufacturer and 10 million from the second. Unfortunately, we see less than expected at AstraZeneca quantities of production and delivery, this slows down the European campaign, she said.

“We want a reliable supply of vaccines, we want to see an increase in contracts, reciprocity and proportionality in exports. And we are ready to use any tool to achieve it. It’s about ensuring that Europe gets its fair share. “

At the same time, vaccination in Germany has become a disaster. The start of the process is delayed due to bureaucracy and the declining trust of citizens in the country, and this costs lives, says a documentary on German television RTL. The American media was also puzzled by the slow progress of German vaccination, as well as the lack of tests for new strains of the virus.


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