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The Ethereum merger was officially activated around 2:42 pm today (15) and the first PoS block was completed a few seconds later, officially switching from PoW to PoS and completing the merger of the execution level and the consensus level. At the moment, the price of ETH continues to hover around $ 1,600.
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prepareThe high-profile merger of Ethereum (The Merge) was initiated around 14:42 today (15), when the difficulty of the proof-of-work (TTD) of the main network exceeded 58,750,000,000t and officially increased from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake Mechanism (PoS) to complete the merger of execution level and consensus level. At that time, in the live online broadcast held by the Ethereum Foundation, the development team eagerly sent a photo of “POS activated” and more than 40,000 people watched this story together.

Ethereum co-founder Buterin also enthusiastically tweeted earlier that Ethereum has officially completed the merger:

This is an important time for the Ethereum ecosystem and everyone who helped bring about the merger should be very proud.

The first PoS block is born

According to Etherscan data, the last block in the PoW era of Ethereum was mined by F2Pool, the largest mining pool in China, with a height of 15537393A few seconds later, the first block, which symbolizes the arrival of the PoS era, has a height of 15537394 It was officially born and the address of the package validator is: 0xeee27662c2b8eba3cd936a23f039f3189633e4c8.

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Block height: 15537393
Block height: 15537394

The price of Ethereum exceeds $ 1,600

Ethereum prices rose nearly 3% to $ 1,635 in five minutes after the official merger. But then it fell quickly and is now hovering around $ 1,600, trading at $ 1,612 at press time.

Unexpectedly, the price doesn’t seem to fluctuate much; however, it is still uncertain whether there will be a hard fork or an unknown failure and the future trend deserves our continued attention.

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