the escape of Pugacheva and Galkin was unexpectedly justified by a well-known TV presenter

The star said that there is nothing reprehensible in exile

Lera Kudryavtseva stood up for the star couple.

This spring, the Primadonna left Russia with her husband. At first there were rumors that the couple was on a short vacation, but after two months it became clear that this was actually emigration.

For moving to Israel at such a difficult time, a flurry of criticism fell upon the famous couple. However, sometimes the Primadonna family is supported. So, TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva said that she did not see anything reprehensible in Alla Pugacheva’s emigration. According to her, “everything is possible for the great,” the portal quotes Kudryavtsev. SOLENKA.INFO.

Now the web is actively discussing how Pugacheva and Galkin prepared provide additional escape routes.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Mikhail Sychev

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